Listen to This: Yours by Ella Henderson



At the request of my big sister I’m starting my ‘Music You Should Be Listening To’ posts again, but for the sake of word count (and hashtags) I’m changing the series to #listentothis.

I will be posting songs that are, in my opinion, worthy of four minutes of your life, and also make me happy. I will post a quick overview about the song and whether I think it will be a hit or not, because I have this uncanny ability to name future hits way before they hit the radio. Of course sometimes I’m wrong, but I suppose time will only tell what my percentage is. Either way this series is meant to introduce you to some beautiful music that will hopefully inspire and make you happy.

So, the first song of the new #listentothis series is Yours by Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson is an English singer who competed on British X-Factor back in 2012. At 19 years old she is already massively successful in the U.K and her single ‘Ghost’ is gaining a lot of steam in the U.S. Her new single Yours was recently featured in an episode of The Vampire Diaries (where Caroline and Stefan kiss on a porch) which is how I discovered this song, along with a ton of teenage girls.

But this song is one of the CW songs that is actually extremely good. Musically, it’s a pretty simple song and its quite strong lyrically, but its Ella deep, Amy Winehouse-esque voice that makes it. It’s the kind of song that make you want to curl up on a Sunday morning with your significant other and never leave the bed.

Will it be a hit:  Ella has Simon Cowell’s management company behind her so I think with the right promotion and after it’s featured on a couple more shows Yours could very well be a hit. But if it’s not promoted right it will fade away and she’ll be a one hit wonder in the U.S. But overall I think yes, it will be hit.

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