These College Days – A Tale of Venice


 Hello Wonderful Readers!

I recently went on my spring break and I had a wonderful time. I visited Venice and Marrakech. Both places were gorgeous and inspired some writing so I thought I would share the little snippet I wrote while in Venice with you. So here they are, enjoy! (As always my original work, no stealing :D)

In St.Marks Square

Guardians of stone look upon their beloved square

A church with all its grandeur sparkles in the morning sun


Take a photo to pause this moment

Smile and pose


The city is sinking but we are unaware not do we care

It’s just another day in San Marco square



Venice really was a beautiful city and it truly is frozen in time. It feels as though you are stepping into the 17th century. I was very happy to go up the bell tower and see Venice from the sky. It was a magnificent view and made me think about how Venice really hasn’t changed over the centuries.

Basilica San Marco still stands proud, glittering in the sunlight. Despite being rebuilt the Campanile di San Marco, (the bell tower) still towers above the crowds, reminding the tourists of Venice’s rich and long history. Finally Doges’ Palace sits as a reminder of Italian power and royalty.  These reminders of Venice’s rich history are things which Canaletto would have seen in his day. It’s quite wonderful to think that an artist all those years ago stare at the view of St.Marks Square and was memorized and now hundreds of years later an art student like me can stare at the same view and be equally entranced.

And despite its changes Venice is still very much an old city and an equally unique city that celebrates one of the wonderful things about Europe, that time may pass by but culture, tradition and monuments remain the same. I will be posting my Marrakesh Murmurings soon so watch out,


Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,


Grace Hatton


London Diaries (Awake Early in the Morning)



I just got back from Spring Break but I wanted to keep up with my London postings so here is another poem! You’re excited aren’t you? I actually didn’t write this for class but I wrote it in the wee hours of the morning when I was traveling on a coach back to Leeds for the weekend. As always enjoy, let me know what you think and remember its my original content.This one is called Awake


Awake, Awake

O great city of slumber


Shake out your aching bones and dust of last night’s mistakes

Your little worker bees buzzing about before the crack of dawn


No traffic or confused foreigners, yet

Just the ones that make your heart beat and blood flow

Bus drivers, street cleaners and underground workers


I’m a visitor here

Not one to be seen at this ungodly hour

I’m a night owl after all


But the morning crows are all a flutter

They are content here


Awake, Awake


Prepare for another day of feet pounding against your skin, yells in your ears and pigeons in your veins.

Awake, Awake

Your slumber is done

Hopefully you enjoyed that little bit of my creative writing, it is really odd seeing London in the morning versus in the middle of the day. That’s why I wanted to write this poem. I also just posted my second London diaries video, its in another format than my first one so let me know what you think.


London Diaries Episode 2


Click the link above to see the video. I hope these snippets about London are enjoyable for you and give you a unique insight into this great city.

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

Grace Hatton