Memories from The Miami Book Fair and The Countdown to New Moon


miami book fair

 Hey Everyone,

So I spent the weekend at the Miami Book Fair in the amazing city that is Miami. This was my first book fair and I have to admit it was kind of awesome. I got to meet some pretty amazing authors like Meg Cabot  who of course wrote ‘The Princess Diaries’ among other books and I also met Ben H Winters who co authored ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’


 I also made some great contacts for my own books so hopefully I’ll be releasing another book before you know it (fingers crossed). I learnt a lot about what it takes to be a successful author and I loved connecting with all the different authors/publishers/magazines etc. I wanted to film one of my writing tips YouTube videos at the Fair but much to my dismay my video camera died! But have no fear I still did my Writing Tip video and it should be up on YouTube within the next couple of days.  All in all the Miami Book Fair was amazing and I hope to be one of the featured authors there one day.


Now I have a confession to make I am so excited for the New Moon movie! I am not excited because of Edward, Bella or the Cullen’s, I am actually really excited to see Jacob be the leading man and taking his shirt off for the most of the move isn’t a bad thing either :p  I will be at the movies at midnight to see New Moon and I have a feeling as soon as Jacob comes on the screen there will be many teenage girls screaming with joy. I will infact contain myself and not scream at a cinema screen because unlike many teenage girls I know that even if I screamed at  the screen Jacob is not going to jumped out of that screen and suddenly be right in front on me. Anyhow what about you? Do you love or hate New Moon and are you watching it at Midnight? Either way let me know.



Finally I had an idea for my blog, since I am a best selling author and I love to read, I was thinking about doing book reviews. Not really longwinded ones just quick fun reviews about books people either give me or I am just reading for fun. I was thinking about doing this on the last Friday of every month and calling it ‘The Friday Review’ (creative I know :P) but let me know what you think of that idea. Love it? Hate it? Or if you have a book you think I should review please let me know =]



Okay so until next time leave comments have fun and if  like me you’re watching New Moon on the 20th be considerate of your fellow movie goers and try not to scream at the screen too much (but grinning like a Cheshire cat is perfectly acceptable).


God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

Seriously, Love is All You Need


loveHey Everyone

So last week I went on a little movie trip, on the Tuesday I watched a new movie called ‘To Save a Life’ and the day after I watched Hillsong’s United new movie ‘We’re All in This Together‘ (the one I told you about in my last post)


First off both movies made me cry and secondly both of their messages we’re beyond meaningful. The first movie ‘To Save a Life’ is all about teen suicide and how suicide is now the second leading cause of death for teens. The second movie “We’re all in this together” is all about the global issues such as poverty that we face every day yet most of the time we choose to look away.  Both of these issues are big deals and too often get overlooked but do you know what the answer is to all these problems? The answer is simple, LOVE.


I know we all know the Beatles song ‘All You Need is Love’ but seriously all you need is love. What if we stopped being so focused on our every day and just for a little while choose to look up and see other people’s needs. If we showed love in a practical way not because we had to or we wanted to do our part but because it was part of our character.



What if showing love was as natural as looking out for ourselves. What if instead of walking past the homeless guy on the street corner we took a minute to talk to him and learn his story. What if instead of excluding the weirdo who sits by himself at lunch we expanded our circle of friends to let him in.


Would this world be a better place if we focused on showing love in a practical way every chance we got? I believe if people especially teens could show true love this world would be a better place and I am not the only one who believes in love. Both of the movies I saw are powerful and show you how to show love in a practical way. Check them out at  and


So I challenge you to go out into your everyday life and look for opportunities to show love even if it’s only what you would consider a small thing. You never know a small act of love can make a big difference in someone’s life.


Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and remember all you need is love,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author