Listen to This: Worth It by Fifth Harmony


Next up on the #listentothis series is Worth it by Fifth Harmony. Fifth Harmony is one of those girl bands that were formed during a reality competition and sort of fly under the radar, releasing EPs and nothing special albums, until one song rockets them to super stardom.

Worth It is that song. Its sassy, fun to dance to and damn catchy. It’s already playing on the radio and creeping its way into clubs and I predict within a few weeks it’ll be everywhere.

Will it be a hit?  Without a doubt, yes. Fifth Harmony has a solid fanbase from their X Factor days and their first album and this song is catchy enough that it will attract a whole new crowd of fans (at least for this song). Worth It also features that horn Mediterranean style that was made so popular by Jason Derulo’s single Talk Dirty last year so I think that will add to its appeal as well. I don’t know how high it’ll climb on the charts but I am sure it’ll have its moment in the top ten.

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