College Writing Prompt # 1 – Lime (My Response)


Hello All!

So if you watched my latest YouTube video you know I’m starting a writing prompt a month series. Here’s the video for you to re-watch


As the video states, this is my response to that prompt. If you have a response please let me know if the comments because I would love to read it. As always this is my original content so no stealing! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

I sink my toes into the sand, each grain rushing over my skin. I settle down. The curve of my backside rests on the crooked old picnic table shaded by a blue umbrella proudly promoting Corona. Fairy lights are strung over the bars porch that sticks out onto the beach. Children giggle in the distance as they rush in and out of the ocean. My shoulders slouch as I remember when I was young enough to enjoy such things. The waitress, her sin a deep brown, thanks to endless days working in the glaring sun sets down a drink in front of me.  “Ready to order yet?” she says. Her hands rest on her generous hips. I shake my head. She huffs as she walks away. I take the lime resting on the edge of the plastic cup and place it between my teeth. I suck the fruit. The zesty flavour tingling my taste buds. The taste brings back memories that night. I’d mixed tequila and the fourth of July after all what could go wrong. I wonder if he’ll look any different. I wonder if he’ll sound like a stranger of if I’ll recognize him straight away despite the years of distance.


Let me know what you think!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton