These College Days – Tired



Is December stressing you out already? Well I feel the same way. So I decided to start my These College Days series where I will post snippets of things I’ve written in class as well as general thoughts on the college expierence. Here is what I wrote while I was supposed to be writing my final essay for my non fiction class.

“My bones ache with the memories. Memories of your touch. Memories of a time I can never regain.

The void is enveloping me like a black cat digging its claws into my flesh. The past merges with the present and the organ resting in my ribcage longs for a moment of quiet and peace.

History repeats and I cannot forget. Despite the achievements and purpose resting in my soul the most basic need returns. The need for a moment.

I cannot run and I cannot wait. I rest in the impasse waiting. Just resting. My fingers curl around my destiny and hold on like a lifeboat in the stormy seas.

The waves beat against me and soon the darkness will take over. The strength I felt in the beginning is waning. No more certainty for me.”

I’m coming into my last two weeks of the semester and it is a mass of things to do, fun to be had and general confusion. It’s my belief that the impending doom of finals week is what causes years of stress to surge through a college student’s veins. To me that is unhealthy but hey I didn’t create the system. So my advice just breathe and hold on to what you can to keep you grounded if you happen to be a college student like me.

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

Grace Hatton