The Crisis in Uganda and How You Can Make a Difference!


In today’s modern world, we’re used to things being a certain way, to things being right and fair.  We’re used to the underdog winning and justice always being served but unfortunately in some parts of the world, in places we in our everyday lives rarely think about, horrific things are happening to children who have no way of escape.


The reason for the post is simple, I want to tell you guys about a crisis that is happening in a country called Uganda, a crisis that compared to lets say the economy rarely gets as much media coverage simply because what’s happening in Uganda may make you sad, uncomfortable and concerned but the story of the children in Uganda needs to be known.



In Uganda, like any other country there are children who live their lives unconcerned with the problems with adults but in the villages and towns of Uganda, something is happening, War Lords only concerned with their own profit and gain, come through the villages and take the children.


Once the children are taken, they put a gun in their hands and force them to fight. Threatened with dearth and torture, these children as young as seven are forced to do things no grown man in the west would even consider.  It’s also almost impossible for these children to escape because if they’re caught they are killed or worse, some of the child armies force siblings to mutilate each other when they tried to escape.


I mean think of it this way, let’s say your safe at home then all of a sudden, men with guns burst into your home, they take you plus your younger siblings. They beat or kill your parents then put a gun in your hands and tell you to do as they say or they will kill you. Imagine if there were armies of children with guns roaming the countryside of America, can you imagine all the riots and protests there would be for those children’s protection?


But this isn’t happening in America, its happening in Uganda a country that seems an entire world away but everyday in Uganda horrific things are happening to these children but you have the chance to make a difference for these children and help them escape the horrors of war.



Please check out a charity called ‘Invisible Children” they are an amazing ministry who specifically work with ex child soldiers and preventing the abduction of any more children. I believe there website is


Please educate yourself on the crisis in Uganda, please pray for the children in Uganda and know that one day somehow this crisis will be stopped in Uganda but for now we can all do out little part to make a difference =]


God Bless,


Grace Hatton – Teen Author