Amanda Bynes Retires from Acting at 24 (A.K.A Why Age is Only a Number)


According to Yahoo OMG (a guilty pleasure of mine) Amanda Bynes has officially retired from acting. Amanda has been in the spotlight she was a pre teen and she’s been in some of my favourite movies like She’s the Man. Personally I am going to miss her on-screen but according to her she doesn’t love acting any more so she’s stopping.

As to what she’ll do next, I have no idea but I am sure she’ll be great at it. News of her retirement reminded me of one of my favourite sayings, age is only a number. Amanda is only 24 most would say that’s when you start your career not retire from it. This once again proves age is only a number.

Personally I know age is only a number, I wrote my first full length novel at 12, wrote my first self-help book at 14 and had my first book published and went to  South Africa at 16. At 17 my book “The Guys The Roses & The Regrets” became an Amazon best seller. Now at 18 I am the CEO of my own magazine, getting my second book published and going to college.

Culture makes us think our age controls everything but that’s not true. Age is only a number and cannot hold you back from your dream. So today I just wanted to encourage you that if you have a dream but think your age (whether your young or old) is holding you back, think again! If you’re persistent and never give up you can accomplish your dreams no matter what you’re age =]

So that was my bite of wisdom for the day now I am going to go eat some good food and watch abc’s new summer season shows (I curious to see how potentially bad they are). Let me know what you thought about this post i.e Amanda Bynes retiring and age is only a number. I value your thoughts and it’s always fun when I get random comments.

Until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author