Miley’s Racy Photos for Vanity Fair

Okay so usually I am not into celebrity gossip and I am by no means a blogger who focus is on celebs.

However I just saw Miley Cyrus’s new photos for Vanity Fair and I’d thought I’d share my opinion on the whole situation.

First of all the thing we all have to remember is that although Miley Cyrus is living the life of a superstar she is still only fifteen and her fans are even younger.

The controversial photo of Miley wearing nothing more than a sheet is spreading like wildfire and I am sure it won’t take long until all her ten year old fans see it.

These young girls look up to Miley, the respect her and want to be her. So when they see Miley posing like that in a photo, they assume its cool and they’ll want to do it two.

That is the problem with Miley’s photos, she is two young to be posing for a photo like that simple because of the amount of influence she has.

With great power comes great responsibility and celebrities these days have great power, because whether we like to admit it or not, celebs influence a lot of our daily decisions.

Especially if you’re a kid or teen, you want to be like your favorite actress, model or singer. It’s that simple, Miley Cyrus is in a position of great power and great responsibility.

I understand why she took the photos though, after all like I said before she’s living the life of a superstar.

So even though she is fifteen, she probably feels a lot older and wants an older fan base. If she had however waited another two or three years to take these photos it would not have been such a big deal. However she didn’t and now she’s taking the heat for it.
All I can hope is that her fans don’t take to posing like that for photos.
So yeah that’s my opinion on Miley’s photos, keep checking back for my opinion on other things and updates on The Guys, The Roses & The Regrets.