Turn Your Summer Fling into a Fall Romance


According to therapists, summer flings are soothing to the soul, stimulate the mind and create an escape BUT almost 80% of summer flings come to an end.  Why is that and can summer flings become long term romances? Grace Hatton, the seventeen year old best selling author of “The Guys The Roses & The Regrets is the leading authority on teen relationships and she says “Yes”, summer flings can become so much more!

“While not all summer relationships are meant to last some are like the foundation of a house, they’re just the beginning. If young women learn simple techniques to understand guys and follow simple steps they can move past a simple summer fling. They can turn that fling into a meaningful fall romance. To make a relationship work, girls just have to understand the way guys think, what true romance is, and how to be a confident in your own skin” says Grace.

Grace has created Three Key Steps to turning a summer fling into a lasting fall romance. The three steps are 1.Figure it Out, 2.State the Obvious, and 3. Build on the Foundation! Without these three steps your summer fling will be nothing more then a summer memory!

Grace Hatton is the seventeen year teen author of the Amazon Best Selling bookThe Guys The Roses & The Regrets; The Girl to Girl Dating Guide”. In this best selling book Grace shows young women how to create lasting loving relationships and how to let go of bad relationships. Grace has lived on two continents, won international writing awards and was recently featured in WOW Performance Magazine alongside Michelle Obama!

For more information please visit www.gracehatton.com

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