Hey All!

I recently realized that I haven’t posted any writing I’ve done at college recently, so here is something I wrote back in April at some odd time of the night, but I often feel this way at college. As always its original work so no stealing. Let me know what you think of it.

“There comes a point where everything is gone. Where every desire and motivation I have just drains from my skin. This happens every few weeks and I simply look around and think I could be anywhere but here. Why am I forcing myself to study works and writers I don’t particularly enjoy?

Why am I pushing my body and mind to physical exhaustion for the sake of college? 

It’s on these nights with my desk light bulb buzzing to my left and my pile of papers, stories, and letters creeping up around me that I wish I could throw my head back and melt into a delicious pile of goo. Goo has no need to be anything other than a pile of substance. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton

These College Days – London Diaries – Queens Walk



So here is another poem from my time in London and no its not about the queen. There is a great area on the Southbank that’s called Queen’s Walk and that’s where I wrote this poem so that is the reason for the title. It’s a really intriguing part of the city and I was there for my internship. I wrote this poem just for fun but since I’m also using it for my romantic poetry class I figured it could fall into my These College Days posts ;D

Take a read and let me know what you think. Also I have updated my pages i.e my about me page, support page etc and would love for you to take a look. Anywho I’m coming to the end of my time here in London and its been wonderful! Look out for another blog post soon giving my wrap up of my experience in London and what I will and won’t miss about this vibrant city. Enjoy the poem. (As always this is my original work so no stealing :D)

Queens Walk

Seagulls squawk

They long for the sea but an ebbing Thames will have to do


A little sun peeks out from the clouds but a chill remains

Famous landmarks across the river seem to wink hello


Cranes rise from the ground like steadfast soldiers surrounding the dome of St.Pauls as if to say the new must surround the old


Workers in neon coats mingle and children giggle

Men in stuffy suits gaze across the river to find a moment of peace in the madness


Oh what a fortunate soul am I to sit on these tattered south bank benches and watch the world of London go by


I hope you enjoyed that little snippet of London life and I also wanted to say thank you so much for the support on my Marrakech piece. I had more likes on that post then I’ve ever had before. So thank you very much.

Have a great night and a good week. I’ll be going to Camden Town tomorrow and going to get dental surgery so exciting times for me ;p

Until next time,

Be Blessed, Stay Strong and Never Give Up

Grace Hatton – Amazon Best Selling Author

These College Days – A Day in Marrakesh


Hello Readers!

May I just say Happy Easter, I hope wherever you are in the world, you are having a lovely time with family and friends celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and of course enjoying good food, chocolate and easter eggs!

Today I wanted to share with you a little something from my travels. On my journey over Spring Break I traveled to Marrakesh in Morocco as well as Venice and it really is a strange and magical place. On one of my days in Marrakesh the group of ladies I was traveling with and I had quite an eventful day. I recorded it in a sort of long poem/creative non fiction piece that I like to call a murmuring so here it is. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


(As always this is my original work and all copyright goes to me. No stealing please)


Marrakesh Murmurings

(Created on February 29th 2012)

“Fatima cous cous”

Echoing calls of Arab men

Monkey’s on chains

Snakes dancing to silly tunes, their true power and bit pulled from their bodies


Push further and further back

White fades to tan

A very good price, that’s what he’ll sell you


In the darkest corners are the best men

Decent prices and smiling faces

Eager to help


Push back again

Back towards the square where ladies force henna upon me and fruit sellers make the amazing stuff


Towards the mosque

Smoke and gasoline swirl around my throat

Bike rushing behind me

Watch that foot or I might just lose it


The horn screeches from the roof and a haggard prayer fills the square

I hear no love in his devotion, just duty


Only duty

Is a nation filled with duty better than a few filled with love?

I think not


Get lost again

Leery stares from unwanted admirers and grunts from covered women


The jolly tourist police man finds us and guides us in French

I do my best to hear him

Four, six, and phone is what I hear



Turn at the phone?

Go ten minutes?



Merci becoup I grin and he hands us the proper shiny maps we’ve been waiting for

A palace in ruins greets us, only to have its doors already shut

Oh well, just try again tomorrow


I hope you enjoyed that little journey through Marrkesh and Morocco. It’s one of those places that you really have to be there to feel its energy and vitality however I do hope my murmurings gave you a glimpse into it. I will be posting a video soon about my travels. If you like my travel writing please let me know, I love hearing your responses to my work and if you haven’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter @gracehatton

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Amazon Best Selling Author

P.S I had an idea for a post end of world novel where the youth are controlled by a singular government and a rebellion rises up to take down the corrupt government and free the youth that have been captured. That is a very vague description but what do you think? Let me know!


These College Days – A Tale of Venice


 Hello Wonderful Readers!

I recently went on my spring break and I had a wonderful time. I visited Venice and Marrakech. Both places were gorgeous and inspired some writing so I thought I would share the little snippet I wrote while in Venice with you. So here they are, enjoy! (As always my original work, no stealing :D)

In St.Marks Square

Guardians of stone look upon their beloved square

A church with all its grandeur sparkles in the morning sun


Take a photo to pause this moment

Smile and pose


The city is sinking but we are unaware not do we care

It’s just another day in San Marco square



Venice really was a beautiful city and it truly is frozen in time. It feels as though you are stepping into the 17th century. I was very happy to go up the bell tower and see Venice from the sky. It was a magnificent view and made me think about how Venice really hasn’t changed over the centuries.

Basilica San Marco still stands proud, glittering in the sunlight. Despite being rebuilt the Campanile di San Marco, (the bell tower) still towers above the crowds, reminding the tourists of Venice’s rich and long history. Finally Doges’ Palace sits as a reminder of Italian power and royalty.  These reminders of Venice’s rich history are things which Canaletto would have seen in his day. It’s quite wonderful to think that an artist all those years ago stare at the view of St.Marks Square and was memorized and now hundreds of years later an art student like me can stare at the same view and be equally entranced.

And despite its changes Venice is still very much an old city and an equally unique city that celebrates one of the wonderful things about Europe, that time may pass by but culture, tradition and monuments remain the same. I will be posting my Marrakesh Murmurings soon so watch out,


Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,


Grace Hatton


These College Days – Elusive


Hello Readers,

As my weeks in London progress I feel a mixture of delight and frustration in this great city. There is so much going on in London and so many people all trying to make a good life for themselves. Yet sometimes, mainly when commuting on the bus, I feel a sense of people wanting something more. It’s an odd sensation, but there are moments of pure beauty in this city.

When I travel back from my internship I have to cross the river and today the sun was setting just as the bus was cross. The sun was resting behind big ben and a beautiful glow was cast across the city. That moment made my day and as day turned into night I saw a glimpse of the moon for maybe a few minutes. Which was perfect since for my romantic poets class we had to write a poem about the moon! So for your entertainment (it’s not the best poem in the world ;p) here’s a little poem. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


I caught a glimpse of your luminosity tonight

But alas your presence is more fleeting than a lover’s whim

Your roaming yellow light slants across the rigid rooftops

Lingering for a breath and then another moment gone

I thought you would be with me, no matter the longtitude or latitude

Yet you hid behind the Chimney’s wrapped within the city like a young maid turning from an over eager suitor.

Hiding your glory in depravity.

The shadows of the city engulf you, capturing you in their eternal vice.

Let me know what you think and if you’re a better poet, which you may very well be, please share links to your poems in the comments box below. Thank you so much for your support and belief (And as always the poem is my original work so no stealing)

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Author

These College Days – The London Haze


It’s another day here in London and a romantic poets class has given me a task, write a poem.


Poetry although a beautiful form is not my favorite thing to write but since my arrival in London a few weeks ago I have been finding inspiration all over this town. Although I have to admit it’s not a sunshine and rainbows kind of inspiration. It’s winter and a cold snap is making its way across Europe.

I find myself standing at bus stops with my fingers turning red and my toes curling in my shoes. I pile on my layers but the cold still seeps through. Yet despite this constant chill I’ve found beauty and inspiration here. So here is the poem I’ve written for my romantic poets class and I hope you enjoy it. (Oh and as always with my original work, its my property and all copyright etc goes to me :D)


Too much of a city

A beast with an insatiable appetite

Thick coats cover the checkered flesh

Heads stay down

Tourists twirl and swirl

Wandering souls ahead

Each one straining against the unspoken whisper

One foot, two foot

Go, go, go


Rushing through the city

An overeager viper

Waiting for another to declare

The battle is over

And the nothingness has won


Grey skies and darken fog creep further and further until the slick ground and oppressed sky become one


No buildings, no spires, no understated emotions

Just the grey haze

This impenetrable daze where all of London secretly soaks in the imagined sun.


Let me know what you think, especially if you’ve been to London or live in London. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts. I do have a whole series of photos I have been taking in London but my camera for some reason will not upload. If you have any suggestions for that I’d greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed this little poem and that 2012 has been treating you well. Oh and what do you think of the new theme? I kind of like it ;p

I look forward to seeing your comments. Until next time,

Be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton


These College Days – Tired



Is December stressing you out already? Well I feel the same way. So I decided to start my These College Days series where I will post snippets of things I’ve written in class as well as general thoughts on the college expierence. Here is what I wrote while I was supposed to be writing my final essay for my non fiction class.

“My bones ache with the memories. Memories of your touch. Memories of a time I can never regain.

The void is enveloping me like a black cat digging its claws into my flesh. The past merges with the present and the organ resting in my ribcage longs for a moment of quiet and peace.

History repeats and I cannot forget. Despite the achievements and purpose resting in my soul the most basic need returns. The need for a moment.

I cannot run and I cannot wait. I rest in the impasse waiting. Just resting. My fingers curl around my destiny and hold on like a lifeboat in the stormy seas.

The waves beat against me and soon the darkness will take over. The strength I felt in the beginning is waning. No more certainty for me.”

I’m coming into my last two weeks of the semester and it is a mass of things to do, fun to be had and general confusion. It’s my belief that the impending doom of finals week is what causes years of stress to surge through a college student’s veins. To me that is unhealthy but hey I didn’t create the system. So my advice just breathe and hold on to what you can to keep you grounded if you happen to be a college student like me.

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

Grace Hatton