The Elusive College Laptop


Hey Guys,

As you may know I recently graduated high school and in about two weeks I am heading out to college which is great but also a little daunting. I am going to an out of state school in North Carolina which is many miles away from my sunny home in Orlando, FL.

One of the things that come along with a college career are college expenses. I am very blessed to be on a full ride scholarship apart from some loose change. I have most of the things for college apart from one elusive essential item, a laptop. As part of my college experience and part of my work a laptop is kind of essential. In order to keep my blog, website, books etc going I need to have a laptop for school.

I have been able to get half of the cost of my laptop but I am still missing a big chunk of the cost of the laptop. So I have a simple request. If  you like my work and appreciate my blogs could you support me in getting my college laptop. If you take a gander over to the support Grace page on my official website. In fact you can click this link to get to the page. Once you arrive you will see a PayPal donate button that allows you to donate any amount from $5 to $100 into my paypal account. This donation will only be used towards the purchase of the laptop and once I have reached my target amount I will let you know.

Any support I recieve means the world to me and helps me on my journey to my dreams. I am very excited about college and the possibilities that are coming my way. I will keep you up to date on all the happenings in my life and on the situation with the laptop.

Thank you for your support in advance,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling  Teen Author