Book Snippet ‘The Lone One’ (Title Subject to Change)


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So if you remember a few weeks ago I said I was going to post a snippet from my latest novel, and as promised here it is. Right now it has a working title of The Lone One, but I’m pretty sure that is going to be changed later on. Also unlike the snippets I posted from The Truth Unknown this snippet isn’t from the beginning of the story. However please take a read, go back and read the truth unknown snippets and let me know which one you prefer. I would REALLY appreciate your help!

Here is the snippet, as always this is my original work so no copying or stealing. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your comments!

Her first trap was untouched and held no prey. A branch snapped. The sound of the wood cracking filled the air causing the birds to chirp and Milna’s body to grow tense. Her fingers wrapped around the blade tucked into her belt, she knew everything in this forest. She knew its rhythm’s and breaths. That sound was not supposed to be here. Something was coming. Milna pulled out her blade, she was not one that was jealous of the dead and she would not have her life taken from her. It could be an animal, she had once seen a bear in the woods but that was years ago. Perhaps it was a deer but she doubted it.

            “Show yourself” Milna demanded. Maybe she was talking to the wind or the worries of her mind. The swallows cooed. The wind pushed against her skin and all of a sudden “Boo!”

            He jumped out from the trees and grinned. Milna let out a sigh of relief.

“Parvu” she smiled.

“Miss Me?” he grinned and Milna allowed a laugh to escape her throat. The small boy was maybe ten judging by his size. His skin was the same dark color of the hide of a stag she had slain years ago. His brown eyes were large and luminous. His smile was infectious. His teeth were still young, white and unharmed.

“Let me see,” Milna ordered as she placed her blade in its sheath. Parvu showed her his arms. Milna examined them; checking for a scar where a tracker would have been placed and a number mark would have been tattooed into his skin.

“Still me,” he smiled.

“That you are,” Milna smiled as she patted his large and fluffy circle of hair that bounced when he walked and sometimes fell over his eyes.

“Want to see me catch my game?” Milna asked

“Thought you lost your bow”

“I didn’t lose it, it was stolen but I got some traps. Come on” Milna smiled as she took his small hand in hers. They moved through the grass and vines to the marked tree where Milna had placed her first trap. Milna expected to see nothing in the trap but instead a doe lay struggling to move with its foot captured. Milna removed her blade and bent down. Stroking the doe’s nose she whispered “Find peace in the next world” before plunging the blade into the animal’s chest.

There it is! Please share your thoughts in the comment section. I really appreciate your feedback as I’m trying to figure out which novel to pitch. On a side note look out for a new youtube video with a writing prompt that will hopefully get your creative juices going 🙂
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