25 Days of Christmas – The Beginning


Hello My Lovely Blog Readers,

So another year is almost over but before we can officially wave goodbye to 2010 we get to enjoy my favourite month of the year, December! Thanks to my birthday being in December, Christmas and New Years being in December its officially my favourite month of the year.

In honour of this grand month I have decided to do 25 days of Christmas. If you remember back in February I did 14 Days of Love and each day I posted a blog about something to do with love. I got great feedback on that little experiment so I decided to do again only for December and for 25 days. All the way up to possibly the best day of the year, Christmas.

I will be posting tips, traditions, reviews, randomness, videos and more. Think of this as part of your holiday entertainment. As always I love hearing your feedback in comments and it really does make it so much more fun.

So let’s embark on a holiday festival together and enjoy the 25 Days of Christmas. Look for another post tomorrow and until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author


A Very Merry Christmas to You


Aww Christmas time, I have to admit December is my favourite month of the year. I get my birthday and then two weeks later I get Christmas! Ever since I was little I’ve adored christmas not only because of the decorations, presents and time with my family but I love christmas because of the story behind it. Regardless of your faith, christmas is all about love.

 For me as a christian christmas is about Jesus Christ coming to earth for us which to me is the ultimate act of love. He gave up everything in Heaven to come to our earth knowing full well in 33 years he was going to be nailed to a cross. To me thats amazing love but regardless of your faith I believe christmas should be about love. It shouldn’t be about getting the biggest presents or having the best dinner, it should be about showing love to those who need it. Whether thats your family, your friends or the homeless guy living in the street corner.

Christmas started out with an act of love and I think somewhere along the line we forgot that part of the story. So my christmas wish for you is pretty simple I wish for you love. I wish you would receive love but most of all you would have the wonderful experience of showing love to those who need it desperately.

LOVE, get that word into your heart and when your spending time with those you love think about how you could show love. I wish love for you this christmas season. I hope you all have a wonderful christmas filled with love and hope. A very Merry Christmas to you and God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

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