Ode to Alice


Today is the release of the new movie ‘Alice in Wonerland’, personally I can’t wait to see it and I was going to see it today but my sister insisted we watched Valentines Day so my view of Alice in Wonderland will have to wait.

However with the release of this fun new movie, I wanted to discuss the character of Alice or more specifically heroines in general.  As a writer Heroines are quite fun to create because throughout history we have lived in a man’s world and as women we tend to be a tad more emotional.  When a woman stands up for what they believe in, it tends to dramatic, non traditional and unexpected.

So in honour of Alice I wanted to share with you some of my favourite movie heroines of all time.  Check out my list and let me know what you think and the list is in no particular order (in case you were wondering).


Mulan was especially awesome. Brought up in a society where women were simply expected to marry Mulan pretended to be a boy so she could take her father’s place in the army. She took that place to save her father’s life. Now in the Disney version she goes off to become a national hero and land herself a cute captain. I am not sure how true that is to legend but either way Mulan was a pretty kick butt heroine.


Being an english girl the story of King Arthur is pretty much a part of my heritage. There are many stories of Arthur and Guinevere but my favourite is from the 2004 movie King Arthur. In this version Guinevere is part of the Woads, the true britons who are resisting invasion from the Romans and Saxons. King Arthur rescues her from a prison but once she is out she is pretty darn strong. She proves to be an expert archer and helps protect Arthur’s men. When it comes to the final battle she puts on her body paint, finds her fellow Woads and with Arthur’s knights takes down the Saxons. I like this version of Guinevere because it shows her as she probably was, a woman fighting for her country and not a complete damsel in distress. If you haven’t seen the 2004 movie King Arthur I suggest you watch it.


Eowyn is a character from Lord of the Rings, perhaps one of the best pieces of writing in history. In the books as in the movies Eowyn is the niece to the King Theoden. She is what they called a Shield Maiden trained to fight for her people however she is the last of her king and due to her King’s illness she cannot  fight. Eowyn has a great love for her King, her people and country. After her King is healed, she defys all the rules and fights for Rohan anyway. In the last battle she even kills the Witch King, a nazgul one supposedly couldn’t be killed. Even though she loses her uncle and Aragon does not return her love not all hope is lost for Eowyn. If you read the books she goes on to rule her people for a time and then marry Farameir. With their union Gondor and Rohan were joined. So it all worked out in the end but it was her courage that led her to defy tradition, ride to battle and claim her glory.

Those are just a few of my favourite heroines, there are many more I could write about but those are some of the top ones for me. What did you think? Do you like my Heroines or Hate them? Let me know and if you’ve seen Alice in Wonderland please let me know what it was like. I hope you enjoyed this random post and you can look forward to more in the near future as I plan to blog my way through my next book.

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author