14 Days of Love – Movie Kind of Love


Its been happening since the invention of the moving picture. In fact  its been happening since the first romantic novelist set his pen to paper. Fantasyl  love is an infection when it comes to entertainment. We all seek that movie kind of love.  As a romantic novelist myself I have to defend romance novels. Some are trashy and tacky but I believe the best romance stories are those that are real. In real life the guy can be a jerk, the girl can be a little desperate, he might not come to save you at the last-minute and life may pull you so far apart from each other that you can’t come back together. I believe stories of love based on our real lives are so much better for us. For example Jane Austen was brilliant at making her stories real. In her stories her couples had to get through so much crap in order to be together. Which is exactly like real life.

For a couple to survive you have to get through some major crap no matter how perfect you think you are.  Another thing that happens in real life is the guy you think loves you leaves you or the other way around. Jane Austen put that storyline in her books as well think Elizabeth and Mr Wickham. In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth is pretty much falling in love with Mr. Wickham until it all goes wrong then next thing she knows he shows up married to her sister. Thats pretty messed up even if it were to happen today. Good thing for Elizabeth Mr. Darcy was waiting for her =]

Thats what makes a love story worth reading, when its real. Speaking of movie kind of love, I am beyond excited to see a new movie that just went to DVD called Bright Star. Bright Star is film based on the last three years of the life of poet John Keats, and in particular his romantic relationship with Fanny Brawne. Honestly before seeing the preview for this movie I had heard of John Keats but never read his poetry. So I looked it up and it is quite simply beyond beautiful. Look at the trailer to see what I mean.

Doesn’t it look stunning?  I am so excited to see it even though I am pretty sure it ends badly. If you watched it tell me was it good? Anywho my point is this post is that while the movie kind of love may seem amazing I believe it’s the true love of life that is amazing. Sometimes a movie portrays that perfectly others not so much. True love is unpredictable, angry, intense, passionate, painful, glorious and never-ending. If you want to see me definition of true love check out 1 Corinthians 13. So as you go about today be thankful if you have the real kind of love if  not feel free to pine over the movie kind of love but know real love is so much better!

Until tomorrow,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author


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