My Eclipse Review (Yay Jacob, Jasper and Edward boo Bella)


Okay so like a good modern teenage girl on Tuesday night at midnight I went to see Eclipse at 12:01 am with my sister and a bunch of friends. I have to admit as someone who as actually read the books I was pretty excited to see Eclipse. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are my two favourite books out of the series. So as I sat in the cinema waiting for the previews to start I wondered how the movie would compared to the book and my imagination.

All in All I liked the movie but the best way I can give an honest review is to break it down by characters. So please enjoy my little review and let me know what you think

Edward – I have to admit if I were to pick a team I would be team Jacob but in this movie Edward is freaking sweet. If you know the story line you know he is trying to get Bella to marry him and he has some seriously sweet awww one liners. Every girl in the cinema regardless of their team was on the Edward train when he said things like ‘On my top ten list of favourite evenings number one is when you said you would marry me’ and when he refused to sleep with Bella before they were married because he came from a different time where he would court and woo her first. It was seriously sweet and made Edward the perfect gentleman.  So Edward gets a yay from me in Eclipse.

Jacob – As I said if I were to pick a team it would be Jacob even though I know he never ends up with Bella. In Eclipse he is simply awesome. He looks amazing without his shirt off and to me Taylor is a great actor that portrays Jacob’s strength and vulnerability all at the same time.  In Eclipse while Edward had most of the sweet one liners Jacob had most of the funny ones including one of the best lines in the movie. When Edward and Bella are in the tent at the top of the mountain, Bella is pretty much freezing to death. Edward can’t help her due to him being cold as well at this point Jacob comes in. Jacob suggests he warms Bella up and of course Edward protests but as Bellas teeth chatter Jacob says he has to help her or she’ll freeze to death and then grins “plus lets face it I am hotter than you”. The way Taylor delivers that line is perfect with mischief in his eyes and a grin on his lips. So yes in this movie Jacob was funny, hot, vulnerable and super strong so Jacobs gets a big yay from me.

Jasper – As someone who has read the books I was so excited for Eclipse because I knew Jasper finally got his chance to shine.  To me if the movie didn’t stick to the book on Jaspers story it would ruin the entire movie but to my joy the movie did Jasper’s story justice. Jasper got to show off his fighting skills and explain why he finds it so hard to be around Bella. He also explains how Alice found him and why he has so much knowledge about the new borns. In short Jasper kicked ass in this movie so he gets a big yay from me.

Bella – I am officially sick of Bella or maybe I am sick of Kristen Stewart,  I honestly don’t know.  To me Bella shows little emotion and is kinda blah. Whether she is sad, angry or happy she just always looks the same. The only part of this movie I liked her was when she punched Jacob and hurt her hand.  She did however get some guts right at the end of the movie and did a nice speech about why she wanted to be a vampire but over all the guys stole the show so Bella gets a boo from me.

The Cullens – They were okay nothing special. Emmet was funny, the parents were quietly wise, Alice was quirky and Rosalie was mean. However Rosalie did get to tell her back story as well and in that part she was really good. I really enjoyed both Rosalie and Jaspers back story. Over all though the cullens get a just okay from me.

The Werewolves – So you didn’t actually see the werewolves in their human forms that much so I guess I can say the CGI was really good. The only part I was disappointed in was Seth. I love love love Seth in the books but in the movie he didn’t get much airtime and they didn’t explain what he looked like in his werewolf form so when he turned into the wolf it was like which one is Seth. Leah did a good job on being mean but overall I don’t think the werewolves were explained very well. Therefore I give them a boo but that’s because of the directors not the werewolves.

Riley – The is the last character I will talk about. In the books Riley doesn’t get much air time but in the movie he got a ton. He even opened the movie. Honestly I loved him, he did a good job being a vampire leader and being in love with Victoria. I think the actor who played Riley really shown and the character was pretty great too.

So yeah I could talk more about the other side characters but they were the important ones :P. I think if you’ve read the books Eclipse will disappoint in some small areas but overall you’ll love it. If you haven’t read the books you won’t know what you’re missing so you’ll think its amazing. I look forward to Breaking Dawn but not seeing Bella. As a writer I wish she’d have made Bella stand for a little bit more than I am in love with Edward but the character of Bella develops a lot in Breaking Dawn so it shall be interesting. Let me know what you though of this blog, love it or hate it please let me know. I love talking about Twilight so comments are awesome,

Until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

The NEW Official Eclipse Trailer! Good or Bad?


So I was browsing though YouTube the other day when I happened to stumble across the Eclipse trailer, at first I thought it was just another fanmade trailer but it turns out it was the official one! As you may know from reading my blog I am a pretty big Twilight series fan and a huge Jacob fan. So when I saw the trailer I was pretty darn excited but before I go into what I thought of the new trailer, you should probably watch it. So here it is =]

What did you think? Good or bad? In general I was pretty disappointed for numerous reasons but here are some of my top reasons.

1. Bella/Kristens Hair

Is she wearing  a wig? I am not sure if she is but just the fact that I am wondering if she is probably means she is. Well her wig is horrible, it looks fizzy and very unlike her natural hair. So I have issues with that, as someone who as worked on hair/makeup if you’re about to release a national trailer you should fix the actress’s wig.

2. Where is the Wolf Pack?

So if you’re read Eclipse you know that the Wolf Pack has a pretty big important role to play in the story but in the trailer we don’t see them or the cullens for that matter.  Also in eclipse more wolves are added, like Leah and Seth so I would have liked to see them.


Now I know they went and changed the actress for Victoria which really ticks me off. However why would you focus on her in the trailer when she know looks completely different! Victoria does have a big part to play in the story but she isn’t actually in the book that much. It’s what happens in Seattle that makes the big difference. So yeah Victoria just annoyed me in general.

4. Seattle, Jacob and The Love Triangle

We get it, Bella is confused about who she wants to kiss. Why does that have to be the focus of the trailer? When the book has such a good storyline why focus on the stupid love triangle? Where is the information about the vampire murders in Seattle and why isn’t Jacob with his pack? I know everyone wants to see the silly love triangle but it annoys me when its such a good book that they choose to focus on that! I wanted to see the vampire army, Jasper kicking butt and the new wolves. But alas Hollywood is marketing to the fourteen year old girls and so we get stuck with the love triangle.

So those are the things I find annoying but the one thing I did like about it was when Jacob said “I am gonna fight for you until your heart stops beating”. He is of course referring to Bella being turned into a vampire not her actually dieing but it was still a really sweet line. I am hoping they will release a longer trailer later with the wolves, vampire army, Jasper and more but until they do I was pretty disappointed with this first trailer.

What do you think? Did you love it? Hate it? Or are you just tired of the whole Twilight thing already? Let me know and until next time,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

Memories from The Miami Book Fair and The Countdown to New Moon


miami book fair

 Hey Everyone,

So I spent the weekend at the Miami Book Fair in the amazing city that is Miami. This was my first book fair and I have to admit it was kind of awesome. I got to meet some pretty amazing authors like Meg Cabot  who of course wrote ‘The Princess Diaries’ among other books and I also met Ben H Winters who co authored ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’


 I also made some great contacts for my own books so hopefully I’ll be releasing another book before you know it (fingers crossed). I learnt a lot about what it takes to be a successful author and I loved connecting with all the different authors/publishers/magazines etc. I wanted to film one of my writing tips YouTube videos at the Fair but much to my dismay my video camera died! But have no fear I still did my Writing Tip video and it should be up on YouTube within the next couple of days.  All in all the Miami Book Fair was amazing and I hope to be one of the featured authors there one day.


Now I have a confession to make I am so excited for the New Moon movie! I am not excited because of Edward, Bella or the Cullen’s, I am actually really excited to see Jacob be the leading man and taking his shirt off for the most of the move isn’t a bad thing either :p  I will be at the movies at midnight to see New Moon and I have a feeling as soon as Jacob comes on the screen there will be many teenage girls screaming with joy. I will infact contain myself and not scream at a cinema screen because unlike many teenage girls I know that even if I screamed at  the screen Jacob is not going to jumped out of that screen and suddenly be right in front on me. Anyhow what about you? Do you love or hate New Moon and are you watching it at Midnight? Either way let me know.



Finally I had an idea for my blog, since I am a best selling author and I love to read, I was thinking about doing book reviews. Not really longwinded ones just quick fun reviews about books people either give me or I am just reading for fun. I was thinking about doing this on the last Friday of every month and calling it ‘The Friday Review’ (creative I know :P) but let me know what you think of that idea. Love it? Hate it? Or if you have a book you think I should review please let me know =]



Okay so until next time leave comments have fun and if  like me you’re watching New Moon on the 20th be considerate of your fellow movie goers and try not to scream at the screen too much (but grinning like a Cheshire cat is perfectly acceptable).


God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author