Joe and Demi are Dating! (A.K.A Why Are there So Many Fake Couples?)


 So the rumours have been confirmed that Joe and Demi are dating. Now I am I the only one who remember that when Camp Rock came out there was a bunch of hype about the two of them dating and now when Camp Rock 2 is coming around they’re dating again.

Now the first time around Demi did deny it but that didn’t stop thousands of youtubers making Jemi videos and I am sure they are all over the moon right now. However its my thought that this is a set up to promote their movie/new music video. Until I see a photo of them kissing or at least holding hands I won’t believe it, how about you?

As I thought about the whole Joe/Demi situation I thought about fake couples in general and how much they annoy me. Its my belief that love is scared and shouldn’t be fake. I’ve had friends who have been in relationships because it was convinent, because it just felt like they should be together or to help them achieve something.

In Hollywood its even worse many actor/actresses say they’re in relationships just to promote their upcoming projects. I think that’s wrong, every relationship should be treasured as something important. Why do people feel the need to be in a fake relationship? Well the truth is I know why people choose to be in fake relationships because they’re afraid to be alone.

However its better to be single and wait for the treasured relationship than just be with someone because you can. A good honest healthy relationship is worth way more than tons of fake ones. Do you agree? This blog post was more of a rant then anything else but I just wanted to share.  So let me know what you think. Are Joe and Demi really dating? Would you rather be in an instant fake relationship or wait for a real one?

Let me know and God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

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