Dogwood Confessions


I was recently in Asheville, NC for my homecoming at Warren Wilson College. It was the first time I’d been back since graduating in May and it was quite a surreal experience as I was back at a place that has meant so much to me over the past four years. I was also able to see many of my good friends who came from all over the country to be back for homecoming so overall it was pretty wonderful.

And one of my favorite parts of visiting Wilson is being able to go to an area of the campus called Dogwood. Dogwood is a hill at the back side of campus that looks over the valley, our farm, the historic white barn and the mountains. Throughout my years at Wilson Dogwood was a haven for me. When I was stressed, wanted to be by myself or needed to relax I would go there and breathe.

I’m not a huge nature person, indeed often I’d rather be in a downtown area full of technology but Dogwood is one of the few places I feel at home in nature. So when I was there I wrote a short creative non-fiction piece that I wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy and no stealing 🙂


Dogwood Confessions

#1 – I like wearing short, lacy dresses in green, luscious fields.

#2 – I miss the mountains; the enormity of them, the darkness of their creases and the way they drape one upon another.

#3- There are more cows than people here and I’m invading their home.

#4 – Wilson couples still perplex me, with their long hair, skinny bodies and swaggering manners.

#5 – The scent of cow pies, impending rain and wild flowers is actually quite sweet.

#6 – Crickets, although natural musicians, are nothing compared to Ed Sheeran’s voice caressing me through my phone’s speakers.

#7 – This long field with those particular minty green mountains in front of me still feels like a home.

#8 – The Wilson couple, up the field, under an oak tree, are not looking at the mountains.

#9 – The imminent black storm cloud stealing the sun’s rays doesn’t scare me.

#10 – I’m quite happy. Here, in this typical dogwood moment.