Cracked Lips a.k.a Snow Days in College


So today my college, Warren Wilson, in Asheville, NC is enjoying the benefits of Storm Leon. He’s a temperamental son of gun and to say today is chilly would be a vast understatement. My college campus is blanketed with snow and when I woke up to go to work this morning the pesky flakes felt the need to land in my eyeballs and after my water aerobics class  my wet hair froze.

Classes have been canceled along with my work meetings and car crashes are littering the icy roads. It’s a crazy day and I say all of this to in turn say Snow is beautiful and one of natures wonders, but dear lord its side effects can be messy.

This snowy day inspired me to share something I wrote a couple weeks back when I was in the midst of another snow storm a.k.a The Polar Vortex. (Please keep in mind I wrote this right after rushing into my apartment from the frigid cold, so be gentle when judging.)

Now North Carolina did not have it as bad as many other places in the states but it was still unpleasant. So, please, enjoy this little snippet. If, like me, you’re surrounded by snow today please find some companionship in the words and know that you’re not alone in enduring the elements. And if you live in a non snowy region of the country/world tilt your head back, enjoy the sun kissing your skin and be thankful your lips aren’t cracking 🙂

Cracked Lips

Red nose. Numb, cracked lips. Knees knocking. Oh so very cold. Hurts inside like being struck over and over with a knife.

Do not like.

Howling wind pushes the ice into my veins. Disappear further into layers of feather padded jackets, fuzzy hats, knitted gloves and white flakes. Not to be seen again until the longed for thaw.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed, Stay Strong and Never Give Up (And Stay Warm),

Grace Hatton