#100bookproject – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Review


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Here is the next review in #100bookproject. The book I’m looking at is one I’ve wanted to read for a very long time and thanks to this project I’ve been able to get around to finally reading it! The book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I actually read the entire series (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is just the first book within a chapter) which includes Restaurant at The End of the Universe, Life, The Universe and Everything, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Young Zaphod Plays it Safe and Mostly Harmless.

Before these were books they were a radio series which accounts for all different mini books within one overall collection. I will be judging this as a collection overall since I read the entire series.

Level of Recommendation: Mid

Favourite Line: “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

Quick Review: A sarcastic, witty and entertaining look at all the shenanigans that could ensue if the Universe was infinite and time was adaptable. The real treasure of the series though is the continuous parallels to modern society that somehow make perfect sense in this ridiculous universe.

Longer Review: Douglas Adams wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as a radio series and that origin has created a series that does not have the traditional narrative arc and development of characters that a novel would have.

Yet despite this Hitchhikers manages to make you fall in love with the characters, such as Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect, and be continually amused by the absurdity of the universe Adams created. The book begins with the destruction of earth and then proceeds to document Arthur Dent’s journey through the universe as he comes to grips with the fact the earth is destroyed, his friend is an alien, time is not as it appears and the girl he sort of liked happens to be with Zaphod, the two headed president of the universe.

As the story unravels the main point, so to speak since Hitchhikers doesn’t really have a main point, is that earth was built as a giant computer to answer the question what is the ultimate question?

The mice had previously built a computer to answer the question what is the meaning of life, the answer to which is of course 42 and the computer then told them to think of a better question, thus why they built earth, the new computer to make a new question. Makes total sense right?

That’s the thing about Hitchchikers a lot of it makes absolutely no sense but the characters keep the story interesting. Den’ts blandness becomes enduring. Perfect’s witty remarks are perhaps the best moments throughout the series. Marving, the depressed robot, is both pathetic and hilarious. Trillian’s matter of fact, get things done attitude becomes slightly grating but also slightly inspiring and finally Zaphod’s absolute idiocy is in a way brilliant.

I gave Hitchhikers a mid level recommendation because if you’re looking for a traditional novel this is going to disappoint you and a lot of the humor of the book is the British sarcastic kind, the kind that many non Brits find difficult to find enjoyable.

However if you go into this series with an open mind and not expecting an semblance of a traditional story line and arc then you might just be pleasantly surprised. After all there is a reason this series has become a cult classic and in my mind that reason is because its absurdly hilarious. It’s most certainly a love or hate type read but if you give it a chance you will find yourself delighted by the plethora of interesting characters, the silliness of the whole time is an illusion/the universe is infinite thing and the smart parallels to the everyday silliness of an existence on the real earth.

Next Book on the List for #the100bookproject: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

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British Artists Americans Should Be Listening To – Michael Kiwanuka


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I’m beginning my ‘British Artists Americans Should be Listening To’ series with an artist that is in a word, stunning. I can’t remember the first time I heard he’s most popular song ‘Home Again’ but it gave me the same feeling that I get when I hear the classic song ‘Home’. You know that one that says Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome and I wanna go home.

Well home has always been a bit of weird issue for me since I immigrated from England at the age of twelve, lived in Florida for years and currently go to college in North Carolina. Then I came back here for a semester in London and the simple questions ‘Where are you from?’ and ‘Where do you call home’ brought a whole lot of emotions to the surface for me.

I can’t really explain my relationship with home and why it both confuses and comforts me.  I suppose I can share the first few lines of a personal poem with you and that might give you an idea of why home is such a weird subject for me


Such a funny word


Some have great assurance when speaking of home

Born and raised

Never been anywhere else kind of people

Often I can’t help but envy them


I’m a mover

A traveler

A ghost

You get the drift and so when I listen to the song ‘Home’ I feel a longing for England, for my childhood and for the choice I was never given if I wanted to be an immigrant yet sometimes when I listen to that song I feel a longing for the life I’ve been able to have in America and all the opportunities I’ve been given. Either way there is a longing I can’t quite explain or express so the smooth old school sound of home would express it for me, in fact it was the only song that seemed to be able to express my complicated relationship with home.

Then Michael Kiwanuka came along with his song ‘Home Again’ and it seemed to fit me and my relationship with home perfectly, the drifting back and forth, the confusion but ultimately coming to an inner peace about home. Outside of the expression I feel through this song, the music is simple and infectious.

You find yourself humming the tune and is voice is just, well honey and it still sounds amazing live which is pretty rare these days. The British are just beginning to love him as he was announced by the BBC (British Broadcasting) as the VOICE of 2012 as voted by the public.

Here is his song ‘Home Again’ which has a modest (compared to the insanity of hundreds of millions of views for people like Justin Bieber and 43 million for J-Lo’s new video) two million views on YouTube but I’m sure that number is going to rise steadily.

As you can see is is very talented and his other music is just as good but only has views in the thousands, so if you get hooked on him now as I am when he does get to those insane number of views you can see I knew him when etc (which you know makes you super awesome ;p) But seriously his other music is just as great, case in point below

I think there is a real honesty to his voice that just isn’t seen or should I say heard in a lot of modern music anymore and his lyrics, at least for me, tap into those inner thoughts that we all have running around in our heads. The thoughts that pop in when you’re staring out of a window gazing into the pouring rain and pondering your identity, purpose and life.

Yes indeed for me he’s that deep and I hope you find him just as moving and beautiful.

Let me know what you think of my first choice and be prepared for many more British artists coming your way. There will be different genres etc but again these are people I think are wonderful and about to become huge so take a listen and I hope you feel the same way,

Until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

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Grace Hatton


Nine Things I’ll Miss About London


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As I’m writing this post I’m actually back in my hometown of Leeds, England which is about four hours north of London. I’m very happy to be back here for the summer but I can’t help but be a little sad that my time in London is over so I wanted to share with you the top ten things I will miss about London, in no particular order, I’m hoping you will enjoy this off beat list and if you’re planning on visiting London this summer, as many are, this list might give you a little insight into what makes London such a vibrant city and it might give you ideas of how to spend your London days. So here it is, Enjoy!

1) Dapper Gentlemen

London is one of the few places I’ve been in the world where the men have a tendency to dress better than many of the women. From the snazzy suits the financial district men wear to the grungy looks of the boys in Camden Town there is an undisputable style that the men have in London.

They are in my humble opinon, dapper gentlemen. It seems easy for them too as though they just rolled out of bed, threw on what they had in their closets, tutted at their girlfriends over the top heels and fur and went out to strut down Oxford street.

It was always exciting for me, coming from my beloved Warren Wilson where boys forget they need to bathe, to see a city full of stylish, clean and well groomed men. I will miss seeing that and boys if you visit London take some notes from the dapper gentlemen wandering around town and please take that confident unspoken style back to wherever you call home.

2) Pimping Window Displays

Perhaps I’ll miss this one because of the bus route I had to taken into town a.k.a central London and to my internship in Dulwich but I would travel through Knightsbridge, the street where Harrods and Harvey Nichols call home. The  the number ten bus would take me right past their windows and I adore the window displays. Especially Harvey Nichols newest one which is focused around The Queens Diamond Jubilee and shops from the fifties. It really is a gorgeous display and it always made me smile as I passed it. They were the most imaginative and impressive displays I had ever seen.

You can see more photos from  that particular display at this article from the Telegraph.

3) The Art Scene

I have been truly blessed to see so much amazing artists in London. Modern artists and old artists alike. I have seen street artists like Banksy, I have seen Van Gough’s Sun Flowers, a Picasso and my many works of my favorite artist J.M.W Turner. There is so much free and accesible art in London. I spent hours in the National Gallery, studying the art and doing my best to recreate works in a sketch. I spent a day in the Tate Modern being confused and amazed at the work and I’ve grinned like an idiot when I saw Banksy’s work at the end of Portobello Road market.

If you are ever in London be sure to soak up the incredible art scene that exists there, you can visit classics like the National Gallery, the Wallace Collection, The Tate Britain etc and you can visit more modern places like the Tate Modern etc. Most of these places are free and offer you one of the most impressive collections of art I’ve ever seen.

Also be on the look out for street artists like Banksy, London is full of such art especially in places like Camden and on old churches in Notting Hill. Everytime I discovered street art it felt as though I had uncovered a secret gem and made me smile just as much as seeing the old masters in the galleries. Yes, the art scene in London is incredible and perhaps the thing I will miss the most.

4) The Theater

I was lucky enough to take in some great theater in London ranging from the Lion King to Comedy of Errors. The theater scene in London is again one of the best I’ve ever been around and the variety is just incredible. So my advice for people visiting London is simple, expand beyond the West End and give yourself some variety.

I saw two big musical shows in the West End, Lion King and Singing in the Rain. Both were utterly fantastic and Lion King may just be the best show I’ve ever seen but I was also able to see off beat plays such as Bloody Poetry in 30 people theaters, I even went to a production of MacBeth in a theater over a pub and those experiences although vastly different from the West End musicals were just as wonderful. So take in a musical but branch out as well and be delighted by ALL  the theater London has to offer.

5) 24 Hour Transport

One of the wonderful things about London is you can always get around via the transport system. There’s the tube, which I was never a fan of, the river boat, the overground trains and my favorite the buses.

The wonderful thing is that from wherever you are in London you can get anywhere else in London thanks to the transport system. The number 9,10 and 176 bus served me faithfully and I was able to get from Kensington to Dulwich and everywhere in between. Even at two am in the morning you can get to where you need to go thanks to the nightbuses and the adventures that lay within them. So if you’re in London you never have to worry about getting home and that’s a great advantage to the city.

6) Free Museums

One of the most wonderful things about London are the museums from the Victoria and Albert Museum to the British Museum. These museums contain the treasures of England and other countries and best of all they’re FREE admission. The Victoria and Albert museum is referred to as England’s attic since odd knick knacks of every generation since the museums creation has been through in there.

The V and A also boasts one of the most beautiful sculpture collections I have ever seen and is well worth a visit. The Science museum which is located right next to the V and A is also a great FREE museum, especially if you have kids with you. During the day its full of young minds playing with all of the interactive exhibits but on the first Wednesday of every month the science museum hosts a late night event for adults only.

The late night event hosts specific exhibits and displays just for the older crowd and the late nights host a silent disco which for me was a highly entertaining and amusing experience. There is silence in the hall as everyone who is dancing has headphones on so its hilarious to watch people dance to no music and then you can tune into the same DJ station as your friends and all dance along to the same tune or be on different stations and be dancing like a maniac to completely different genre. So be sure to check that out if you happen to be near the Science museum on a Wednesday night.

Finally the British museum is the museum to end all museums (I couldn’t help it ;p) and within its walls lay the ruins of entire civilizations including the Egyptians and Greeks. In fact the British Museum boasts the largest mummy collection outside of Egypt. It also a great experience if you’re an art lover like me since it is full of sculptures from different civilizations and times. However be warned if (like I did) you plan to sit down quietly and sketched the Egyptian busts be prepared for many over the shoulder looks from curious tourists.  But all in all some of my favorite memories from London are the ones of me spending the day just getting lost in a museum and I highly recommend the experience.

7) Living Over a Tesco

So this one isn’t necessarily limited to London but my apartment in London was situated right over a Tesco express. It was fantastic! Whenever I needed to grab simple things like milk and bread it was there but best of all when late at night my roommate and I would get the craving for something sweet we would travel downstairs and around the corner to the Tesco decked out in a combination of our pj’s and whatever portion of the days outfit was on our body  creating unique and odd outfits that thrilled the employees of Tesco to no end.

That being said if you ever have the chance to move into an apartment that rests over or right next to a Tesco express or any other supermarket/grocery store you should most certainly do it, it makes for a excellent living experience. Without a doubt I will miss the convenience of living over that Tesco and all the smiling staff we met at all hours of the night.

 8) Royal Influence

The evidence of a royal presence in London is everywhere from the flags surrounding Buckingham palace to all the buzz surrounding the reopening of Kensington Palace (where Will and Kate will live). There is also evident of past monarchs such as the monument outside of Charring Cross station that is a replica of the sculpture King Edward the first created to mark the final resting place of his wife. There is also the huge monument set up in Kensington gardens across from Royal Albert Hall that Queen Victoria commissioned upon the death of her husband Albert.

The royals are everywhere around London and it was my opinion that I felt the presence of the royals in London more than anywhere else. Indeed the Queens face is plastered over ads, the Metro news and the tacky souvenirs tourists buy from the shops on Oxford street. Yes indeed London and the royals have a special relationship and it just seems to add to the charm of the city.

  9) My Internship

One of the best things about my time in London was my internship with Dulwich Onview

My internship allowed me to travel throughout South London visiting art galleries, shows, cafes, plays and more. Without my internship I would have never gotten to know the South of London and all its dynamic art communities. It was a real thrill for me to wake up and know my job was seeing wonderful art in famous places like The Tate Modern Gallery and not so famous places like the GX gallery.

My internship caused me to look at art in a unique way and hunt out its unique qualities to create worth while stories that people would want to read. I’ve had great feedback for the stories I’ve written during my time at Dulwich Onview and even had artists/owners e-mail me to thank me for the reviews I’ve written. Truly the internship was one of the best things about my time in London and I will mist traveling around London hunting out art, great cafes and moving plays to write about for Dulwich Onview.You can read all of my Dulwich Onview articles on my author page.

So that’s it, those are the things I will miss the most about my time in London.  It has been a great experience in London and something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I hope this post gave you some fresh ideas if you are thinking about visiting London and if you’re not going to be in London anytime soon I hope you found this post entertaining! I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and anything you miss about London if you’ve spent anytime there.

Until Next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,

God Bless,

Grace Hatton


These College Days – A Day in Marrakesh


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May I just say Happy Easter, I hope wherever you are in the world, you are having a lovely time with family and friends celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and of course enjoying good food, chocolate and easter eggs!

Today I wanted to share with you a little something from my travels. On my journey over Spring Break I traveled to Marrakesh in Morocco as well as Venice and it really is a strange and magical place. On one of my days in Marrakesh the group of ladies I was traveling with and I had quite an eventful day. I recorded it in a sort of long poem/creative non fiction piece that I like to call a murmuring so here it is. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


(As always this is my original work and all copyright goes to me. No stealing please)


Marrakesh Murmurings

(Created on February 29th 2012)

“Fatima cous cous”

Echoing calls of Arab men

Monkey’s on chains

Snakes dancing to silly tunes, their true power and bit pulled from their bodies


Push further and further back

White fades to tan

A very good price, that’s what he’ll sell you


In the darkest corners are the best men

Decent prices and smiling faces

Eager to help


Push back again

Back towards the square where ladies force henna upon me and fruit sellers make the amazing stuff


Towards the mosque

Smoke and gasoline swirl around my throat

Bike rushing behind me

Watch that foot or I might just lose it


The horn screeches from the roof and a haggard prayer fills the square

I hear no love in his devotion, just duty


Only duty

Is a nation filled with duty better than a few filled with love?

I think not


Get lost again

Leery stares from unwanted admirers and grunts from covered women


The jolly tourist police man finds us and guides us in French

I do my best to hear him

Four, six, and phone is what I hear



Turn at the phone?

Go ten minutes?



Merci becoup I grin and he hands us the proper shiny maps we’ve been waiting for

A palace in ruins greets us, only to have its doors already shut

Oh well, just try again tomorrow


I hope you enjoyed that little journey through Marrkesh and Morocco. It’s one of those places that you really have to be there to feel its energy and vitality however I do hope my murmurings gave you a glimpse into it. I will be posting a video soon about my travels. If you like my travel writing please let me know, I love hearing your responses to my work and if you haven’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter @gracehatton

Until next time, be blessed, stay strong and never give up!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Amazon Best Selling Author

P.S I had an idea for a post end of world novel where the youth are controlled by a singular government and a rebellion rises up to take down the corrupt government and free the youth that have been captured. That is a very vague description but what do you think? Let me know!