Get Up and Go


There are times in life when everything is overwhelming and when life, well it can get you down, it feels as though every fiber of your being is bland. As though all the life, love and energy has been somehow magically drained for your essence and seeped into the dirt of the earth.

I have to admit that’s how I felt the last couple of days but its at times like this when we have a choice, recoil into that darkness or shake off the dust and make a choice to surge forward. Make a choice to say I’m better than my surroundings and I’m better than my emotions. To say I chose to be worthy of the calling upon my life. To say I will get up and go. No excuses, no feeling sorry for myself, just raw passion and motivation to get that thing, whatever it may be for you, done.

I’ve gotten to that point now but one song that I listened to only a little while ago helped jerk that reaction in me so I thought I would share it with you. Its ‘Feel Again’ by One Republic who are an amazing band and the video is below. I hope you enjoy it


So I hope that song has either given you a boost or just reminded you how awesome life can be if you make the choice to see the beauty and the potential in it. Additionally I wanted to share with you lovely readers that within the next week I will be posting a video asking for your help in deciding what book I’m going to pitch to agents/publishers over the next few weeks. So watch out for that video and for a snazzy poll, oh yes, a snazzy poll.

Until next time be blessed, stay strong and never give up,
God Bless,

Grace Hatton

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