Make Sure Your Vote Counts


Hey Guys!

So as you know from my last post I am entered in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant program and in just five days I moved up from 195 to 142! Thats a huge leap and if I keep moving up I will be in the top 10 by April 13th! If you’ve already voted for me thank you for your amazing support. If not please go to to cast your vote for my idea.

However I want to make sure your vote counts so when you got to you will see a grey button that says vote for this idea. When you click that button a pop up window will come up and ask for you to either use your Facebook login information or create a Pepsi account. In order for your vote to count you must enter one of these it doesn’t matter if you enter your Facebook login information or if you create a Pepsi account, you can choose whatever your heart desires but you must enter one in order for your vote to count!

Once you have entered this information it will take you back to and say something along the lines of Thank you for voting and will ask if you want to share the idea. If you see the thank you for voting statement then your voting counted but if you don’t see it your vote didn’t count!

Then when you go back each day to cast your new vote each day you enter your Facebook or Pepsi account information again in order to make your vote count! Let me know if you have any questions about the voting process and thank you again for your amazing support!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton

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