14 Days of Love (The End) – Happy Valentines Day


It’s the last day of our 14 Days of Love experiment, can you believe it? I know I can’t it seems like just yesterday I started this experiment but I think it was quite fun. I enjoyed blogging everyday (it’s been a while since I blogged every day) and I enjoyed looking over the different aspects of love.

So what should I talk about for the last day of 14 Days of Love? I could talk about Valentines Day, about its origins, I could talk about how to have a great Valentines Day and how to build on your relationship but honestly I believe Valentines Day is about love, all aspects of love and for me the best part of love is giving it away.

We all have a chance to make a difference in this world and the greatest way we can do that is by showing love to others. Instead of judging people or putting them down why don’t we try showing love. Go out of your way to show love in peoples lives, talk to the homeless, listen to those who are never heard, build up those who are torn down and be there for those who have no one. There  are a million little ways to show love we just have to take the time to actually show it.

The Beatles did a great song called All You Need is Love which is true but part of love is taking action to show it. If you just have the love and keep it to yourself it’s not true love because true love isn’t selfish. So if you’re lucky enough to have love in your life share it and it’ll be heard around the world.

Love is what makes this world beautiful and we should celebrate it everyday. I suppose that was the point of this little experiment to remind you to celebrate love everyday in every way. I hope the 14 Days of Love experiment showed you that.

Now I will be blogging again soon because I am part off an online virtual book fair so watch out for that but for now have a great Valentines Day night and remember to celebrate love everyday in everyway =]

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author


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