14 Days of Love – Best On Screen Romances


I was on Fandango today looking up showtimes for Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief when I saw Fandango’s blog and in honour of Valentines Day  they were discussing their top five on-screen romances. They had in their top five,

Han Solo and Princess Leia (‘Star Wars’)
Alvy Singer and Annie Hall (‘Annie Hall’)
Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson (‘Grease’)
Jamal and Latika (‘Slumdog Millionaire’)
Joel and Clementine (‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’)
Out of those five couples I only agree with two, Hans Solo and Princess Leia and Jamal and Latika.  I was inspired by Fandango’s blog so I decide to post clips of those two couple and my other three favourite couples.
Leia and Hans Solo
Why I Love Them:  Because they start like most couples hating each other but their attraction is undeniable. Once they realise they kinda like each other there is no tearing them apart even when one of them is frozen and the other is having issues with her brother.  It’s the classic love/hate but I really love you relationship.
Jamal and Latika
Why I Love Them: Four words, this is our destiny. This couple went through so much to be together and they were without each other for big chunks of their lives but in the end they found each other.
Landon and Jamie
Why I Love Them: This was one of the first movies to really make me cry like a baby. While Jamie dies in the end she shows Landon what its like to live with purpose. She shows him how to love and be a better person and he shows her what it feels like to be loved.  Both are changed by the love even if they could only be together for a short time.
Sam and JoAnna and the Rest of Love Actually
Why I Love Them:  I couldn’t find the clip of Sam and JoAnna at the airport but incase you were wondering Sam and JoAnna are the kids in the movie. I love them because they show love at its purest and simplest. As for the rest of the stories in Love Actually I love them all apart from the porno couple. So if you haven’t seen it you should =]
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (Both Versions)
Why I Love Them:  In literature they are the it couple, totally different but totally right for each other at the same time. I don’t need to tell you their story but I am sure you love it just as much as me. Personally I would love a Mr.Darcy but I guess I have to wait for mine.  As far as the Bollywood version it was actually pretty awesome and shows the who Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy in a whole new light.
There are tons of other on screen romances I love like Aragon and Arwen from Lord of the Rings but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.  So tell me what do you think of my top 5 choices, love them or hate them? If you don’t like mine let me know what your top 5 favourite on-screen romances are. Valentines Day is only a day away people! I feel like its only been a couple of days since we started the 14 Days of Love but alas it’s almost at its end. No matter I will be still be blogging about many things but for now let me know what you think of this post
God Bless,
Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

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