14 Days of Love – Love of the Game (And the Awesome Ads)


It’s the Superbowl today and I have to admit as an English lass I still think American Football is a weak version of Rugby however this year I can’t help but be excited about the Superbowl. Why you may ask, well the answer is simple, the Saints. I don’t really have a favourite football team and I don’t really follow the NFL but the New Orléans Saints have my attention.

They remind me of the Orlando Magic last year in the NBA playoffs last year. No one had expected the Magic  to get into the Playoffs but we did and the city went crazy.  It was like the entire city was having a block party and even though we didn’t win the Playoffs it was a great experience for Orlando and besides we’re going to win this year :P. So the Saints remind me of the Magic and I watched the Vikings VS Saints game. The end of the game was amazing and I believe that the Saints could pull of a cinderella story against the Colts. Technically the Colts are a better team plus they have Peyton Manning but like I said it would be a great win for the Saints and for  the city of New Orleans if they could pull of a Cinderella story.

Now the other thing I love about the Superbowl is the ads and I am not alone in my love. The NFL did a survey last year and apparently 51% of people watch the game for the ads. Granted that’s probably all the women watching the game but anywho I decided to put my favourite ads on the 2009 Superbowl in this post. So take a look and enjoy.

Doritos – Free Doritos

E Trade Babies


Talking Flowers


Get a Dog

Did you laugh? If you did awesome if not tell me what were your favourite ads from last year.I hope you  have fun today watching the Superbowl with your friends and family. Until tomorrow, Go Saints!

God Bless,

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author


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6 thoughts on “14 Days of Love – Love of the Game (And the Awesome Ads)

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